How workflow management in AskJames will make your life easier

Sylvia de Wit
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Highly flexible and adapted to your employees’ needs, Facility Management workflows should run so smoothly that end users aren’t even aware that they’re constantly in motion.

Ask James FM software supports this, facilitating optimal efficiency in bookings, streamlined business processes, time-saving visitor and event workflows, and tailored Facilities Management for increased productivity.

Optimal efficiency in workspace reservation

Ask James FM software enables automatic workspace reservations, so employees no longer need to remember to book a spot every day. Instead, the system will accommodate exceptions for them, reserving their preferred place for them when they’re on site and leaving it available for others to use when they’re not.

Similarly, Ask James will automatically adapt parking space reservations to align with the details of each employee’s registered vehicle. With approved entry based on number plate recognition ensured, smaller cars and motorcycles will be assigned appropriate spaces, larger vehicles, too, and electric cars will be guided to spaces with charging points.  

Optimized business processes: Vendor requests 

Adapting vendor workflows to your organizational needs enables you to gain full control of processes, costs, and vendor performance analysis.  

Perhaps you need to implement specific approvals before external vendors’ offers are accepted? Or billing should be auto-assigned for finance department sign-off? These stages can be set up per building and ticket type in bespoke workflows, to streamline your routine business processes.  

Ask James also enables Facility Managers to maintain a clear view on ticket status (requests, incidents, etc.) over time. This enables accurate assessment of the service they’re receiving from external vendors. The ability for employee end users to resolve and reopen tickets can also be implemented; likewise, the option for Facility Management service providers to review external vendors’ responses before communicating ticket outcomes to end users.   

Save time with smart visitor workflows 

Manual tasks can be eliminated with Ask James: For example, integration with your security software, access barriers, and electronic doors can activate allowlists and blocklists, ensuring your on-premise security.  

In addition, employee hosts can approve external visits via Ask James, ensuring their guests have access clearance for your premises. Approved visitors can also self-register, saving time at reception.  

Highly adaptable, these auto-approvals can be configured based on the security levels and entry requirements (for example, certain health and safety training to enter laboratories) required for each section of your premises.   

Increased productivity with FM software 

Ensuring your employees can perform at their best day to day revolves around them having all the facility assets they need at their fingertips. The ability to book their preferred workspace quickly and easily, via Ask James for desktop or mobile, makes all the difference here.  

Each employee can register their requirements — multiple screens, a workspace near a window, a standing desk — to ensure they’re set up for full productivity. Team managers can also reserve full zones within your workspace to ensure team members can collaborate easily.  

Ask James FM software enhances productivity through streamlined onboarding, too. Simply by assigning each employee’s role within the organization, they’ll automatically gain access to the vendor services, workspace booking options, catering menus, access and parking permissions, and so on that should be available for them.   

Smart technology for event management 

With Ask James, planning and hosting large-scale events is easy to manage and streamline:

  • Easily make and oversee multiple room bookings for talks, demonstrations, etc.
  • Arrange temporary extra facility assets (flags, coat racks, projectors, seating, and so on)
  • Integrate Excel sheets for mass-registering of visitors 
  • Efficiently manage large-scale catering via your external vendors 

Enhance workflow management with the right FM software 

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