What is SIAM and why does your business need it?

Bas van Roon
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Business is changing - rapidly. Digital transformation is driving a new style of business and with it the pressure being put on IT departments is palpable. Much of this pressure comes from the complexities of what IT departments are now managing. The market scenario has evolved from a solely in-house approach, to outsourcing to a single supplier and, now, to outsourcing to multiple, specialist vendors. Leaving IT departments with an entire landscape to manage with efficiency and consistency.
This complex environment not only increases risk of non-compliance with rules and regulations - due to a lack of control and oversight - it leaves organisations under pressure to cut costs. On top of this, they’re challenged to stay innovative and spot business opportunities. All whilst managing a multi-supplier environment where everything is good, until it’s not. In a split second operations can go from smooth sailing to chaos, with suppliers shirking responsibility and only looking at their own piece of the puzzle.
Suffice to say, managing these complexities and delivering business outcomes across a multi-vendor environment requires a new operating model.

What is SIAM?

Service integration and management (SIAM) is a methodology that provides governance, management, integration, assurance and coordination to ensure organisations get maximum value from their service providers and can navigate the complexities this landscape throws up.
In a multi-vendor landscape where suppliers and internal delivery units often sit in silos, using their own tools and processes and with no unified view, SIAM creates a seamless integration and standardisation of ways of working.
This ensures every provider in the system works to the same goals and standards, improving efficiency and service quality. It also helps identify where certain suppliers aren’t meeting expectations, empowering organisations to replace them with ease. SIAM can also enable collaboration across vendors and internal units, based on rules of engagement.
Make managing multiple vendors seamless with SIAM 
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Reap the rewards of SIAM

Seamless service integration and management, increased agility and higher eciency, the benefits of SIAM are indisputable. But harnessing those benefits and implementing a SIAM solution isn’t an overnight process.
That’s why Fruition takes a gradual, pragmatic approach to rolling out SIAM solutions. Rather than attempt to do it all from the offset, we prioritise and start with the processes that add the most value. Of course, what these priorities are will differ per organisation so we begin with a maturity scan to assess where you’re at and proceed from there with a tailored approach.
While there are many consultancies out there ready to advise on implementing the SIAM framework, we take a hands-on approach and have an expert team skilled in end-to-end implementation. That team consists of a healthy mix of thinkers - those focused on data and analytics, strategically spotting and solving problems - and doers, the operational taskforce. With those operational folk always situated on-site so they can fully integrate themselves in an organisation’s processes and understand its opportunities and challenges in depth.
The overarching advantage of outsourcing your SIAM solution to Fruition, rather than taking it on yourself or assigning it to a supplier, is our objectivity and independence. With our team solely focused on SIAM, we can run it without any secondary agenda, giving you a trusted 360° view of your multi-vendor landscape.

Evolve your IT department to an innovation powerhouse

The complexities of managing multiple vendors aren’t going anywhere. More likely, they’re going to get more complex as digital demands continue. But by adopting a SIAM methodology, your organisation can start decreasing its cost structure and increasing the overall performance of IT service delivery, while improving end-user satisfaction.
In turn, this will help you get ahead of the game and speed up the introduction of new services and, ultimately, make “IT delivery” invisible to the end-user. With those operational and vendor management pressures under control, your IT department can enjoy a new lease of life. Moving you from a “cost” centre to an innovation centre where your team can develop revolutionary market-leading solutions. That’s where you want to be.
Dive deeper into the gradual approach for effectively introducing a SIAM process framework, download our white paper: SIAM - a pragmatic approach.
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SIAM pragmatic approach

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