The benefits of an integrated multi-vendor landscape

Bas van Roon
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benefits of integrated multi-vendor landscape
Feeling the strain of multi-sourcing? Moving from the challenging, chaotic environment of siloed suppliers where ownership is lacking and quality issues arise daily, to a collaborative and coordinated landscape of multiple suppliers might feel like an unachievable feat. In truth, it isn’t easy or something that can be accomplished in an instant but it is possible. 
The solution to get you there is Service Integration and Management (SIAM): a methodology that provides governance, management, integration, assurance and coordination to ensure organisations get maximum value from their service providers and can navigate the complexities this landscape throws up.
Let’s picture what that harmonious landscape could look like for you and the myriad benefits it presents, as well as the capabilities SIAM brings to get you there.

The advantages of well-managed multi-sourcing


1. Accountability and collaboration across towers

In a coordinated multi-vendor landscape, accountability exists across suppliers thanks to end-to-end ownership and clarity regarding expectations, roles and responsibilities. So, if an incident springs up, there is no blame-game. Instead, the customer organisation is able to locate the exact issue (and its source) and work with the towers to come to a solution. 

2. Stable service

This collaborative and transparent setup leads to predictability and reliability in service delivery across all towers. Resulting in an environment with fewer fires and more stability for both the customer organisation to manage and for the end-user experience.

3. Continual improvements and innovation

A stable environment opens up room for optimisations to continuously improve service delivery performance across all service providers. Whether that’s in making efficiencies and smoothing out bumps or in introducing automation. Similarly, a multi-vendor landscape that’s operating with ease will give the breathing space required for more transformative innovation too. 

4.Seamless end-user experience

Each of these benefits culminate in a consistent and coherent experience for the end-user. One where he or she feels as if they are dealing with just one service provider that leaves the individual valued and satisfied. Additionally, a better control of Service Delivery will ensure there is room to for change, as the customer’s needs also change as time goes by.

Unlock integration and collaboration with SIAM

Sounds idyllic doesn’t it? Experiencing these benefits takes a new approach, one that can only be achieved with the implementation of a delivery model that integrates, deploys and manages services from multiple service providers: SIAM.
SIAM facilitates the execution of mature processes so that every provider in the system works to the same goals and standards, improving efficiency, stability and service quality. This is achieved through seamless standardisation and integration of ways of working across the whole landscape.
At Fruition Partners, our experienced SIAM consultants don’t just provide theoretical advice, they take a hands-on pragmatic approach to implementing SIAM. Working in collaboration with our customers through the whole journey – from a base investigation to the implementation and ongoing improvements of every core process. 

Learn more about the benefits of an integrated multi-vendor landscape and how SIAM can unlock them, download our latest whitepaper: Move to multi-sourcing harmony with SIAM.

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