New year resolutions for 2019

Judith Dekkers
1 min read

When we start a new year, many of us have new year resolutions. Stop smoking, spend more time with our families, do more sports, spend less time on social media, etc. Normally we start enthusiastically in January, what I normally notice in the gym. It's very busy in the first few weeks of the new year, but after 3 or 4 weeks people slowly disappear from the gym and everything goes back to normal again.

Is this a bad thing? Not necessary. Studies have shown that it is quite difficult to keep up with e.g. a concrete goal to do sports for 3 times a week. Due to work commitments, illness, injuries etc. this goal is only reached the first weeks but often failed afterwards. That has the consequence that you feel bad about yourselves and you give up. Is there a solution? Sure! It is easier to set a theme or a direction that will make your life better. When you choose a direction, you can continue to adjust during the year without failing.

IT Management in 2019

Let’s forget sports and smoking for a while and look at our IT department. What is your strategy for IT management for 2019? Do you have goals set? What if you have to choose a theme for 2019? As we are an IT4IT company, I can suggest a nice one of course (in Dutch we would say “Wij van WC eend…”). IT4IT is not a goal in itself, it is a theme. We shouldn't focus only on finding the correct tool for testing; the right process for incident management and the resources with the perfect skills for IT finance management.

We have to focus on an overall view of your IT management landscape, including tools, processes, interfaces, data and people. A focus on removing silo’s and increasing transparency, efficiency, quality and effectiveness. Let’s set a new year resolution for 2019 and make an appointment with our IT4IT experts who will ensure you’re not setting impossible goals, but manageable themes!

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