Integrated service management. How to make the change from silo's to an integrated approach?

Rik Burgering
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In today’s business world, talent is the most precious commodity. Competition to attract and retain the best of the best is also fierce. So every way your organization can facilitate, streamline, and enhance your employees’ daily experience counts.

Integrated service management (ISM) in IT is a core element of this. It ensures the key processes and tools your people rely on daily are easily, intuitively accessible. Breaking down silos with a modernized IT landscape boosts employee experience, productivity, and engagement. And not only that: It also helps you reduce costs across your core processes. This gains you clear and proactive oversight of your IT service management.

Boost employee experience, productivity, and engagement

Modernizing the organizational IT landscape for intuitive ISM is essential to empowering your employees to perform at their best. No more siloed, outdated point solutions; the time for IT transformation is now. ServiceNow, the adaptable application toolbox designed to support enterprise organizations to achieve successful IT modernization, can help.

1. Optimized onboarding

With smart integrations and automations, ServiceNow helps transform your onboarding process. Rather than having to slowly find their feet across previously siloed information and departments, ServiceNow enables you to create a one-stop, user-friendly destination for all new hires’ needs.

ServiceNow’s ISM flexibility allows you to integrate with HR, IT, Facility Management (FM), and Legal via a single platform. Creating interaction possibilities between various departments, ServiceNow enables you to easily combine services as needed — for modernized IT management that makes employees’ lives easier from day one. Not to mention making them feel seen, supported, valued, and enabling them to keep early-days admin to a minimum, and dive into delivering value!

2. Tailor-made digital workflows

Each of your employees needs slightly different tools, configurations, compliance settings, and so on to seamlessly function at their best. With ServiceNow, their individual interfaces can be configured to suit their preferences.

This creates individually tailored digital workflows across your core IT services, for rapid access and service across de-siloed HR, IT, FM, and Legal resources. This IT transformation pathway empowers your people to autonomously resolve minor queries and issues, enhancing both employees’ efficiency and sense of ownership over their work. ServiceNow’s intelligent automation options also boost ease and time-saving, positioning your teams to seamlessly optimize their outputs.

3. Reducing admin, increasing engagement and productivity

The integrated IT service management that ServiceNow enables also ups employee engagement and productivity levels by taking time-consuming, demoralizing admin off their plates.

ServiceNow allows you to digitize and automate key admin components, keeping industry rules and regulations, data compliance, licenses, invoicing, and contracts across your various brokers and providers organized and updated. Enabling your people to pour their energy into the real work, rather than in-trays full of administration!

Streamline your costs with IT modernization

Streamlining your IT service management doesn’t just eliminate demotivating silos. It also cuts your costs, preventing duplications and enabling you to make services available only when they’re actually needed.

ServiceNow provides you with the overview you need to prime only core processes to run continuously across your departments, leaving more expensive and complicated functionalities for use only as required.

Make transformative ISM happen with ServiceNow

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