How can ServiceNow help me make sense of the myriad software solutions for digitizing the employee experience? 

Jan Korlaar
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In the modern working world, prioritizing how employees experience working within your organization is an absolute must for business success. In the most basic terms, empowering your employees with the tools, guidance, and resources they need ensures they can operate at their most productive.  

Widening the net, contented employees are one of the most powerful marketing tools your hiring personnel can leverage. Word of mouth recommendations have a powerful effect when it comes to standing out from other organizations in your sector, and attracting the top talent you need.  

In essence, enhancing your employee experience is key to ensuring your organization’s long-term sustainability, profitability, and reputational health. And digitization is a key part of the process.  

The software solutions market has — of course — wised up to this fact. Now, there are a vast range of options out there for digitizing the employee experience. As a result, identifying the best solutions to digitize your employee workflows requires some careful thought.  

Here, we’ll take a closer look at what makes ServiceNow such a useful ally throughout the workflow digitization process.  


1. ServiceNow hides complexity in digitized workflows  

Essentially, ServiceNow acts as a versatile toolbox, from which you can handpick which workflows to digitize for your employees. As a one-stop platform, it can manage all the complex integrations you require, while keeping the intricacies firmly behind the scenes.  

This means your employees can proactively and independently organize actions across HR, IT,  FM, and Legal via a single clear-cut and intuitive portal. From salary arrangements to room bookings, from calling in a broken desk chair to updating user credentials, ServiceNow ensures highly efficient, roadblock-free interactions.  


2. ServiceNow provides a frictionless interface for digitizing the employee experience  

With its ability to seamlessly digitize and combine workflows across HR, IT, FM, and Legal, ServiceNow provides a one-stop shop for all your employees’ needs. Its adaptable array of tools and integrations enables you to design a tailored digital workplace experience. This digitized environment can perfectly align with your organization’s tone of voice, as well as your priority requirements for employees.  

Servicing all your employee support requests in one place is, of course, a huge boost for employee experience. Driving coordinated, effective actions within and across your departments breaks down any barriers to your workers’ productivity, replacing frustrating blockers with efficient, rapid, and transparent digitized workflows.  

A key aspect of this is ServiceNow’s ability to intelligently lead your employees through digitized request processes. As DXC FM Application founder Jan Korlaar explains, “the ServiceNow portal guides your employees to the solution they need, even if they don't actually know what category their issue falls into. So there’s no time wasted considering which department they should contact to have their issue fixed, nor bouncing one simple request from department to department.” 

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3. ServiceNow creates a consumer-like experience for your employees 

It’s vital to remember that your employees are consumers, too. In our private lives, we have exceptionally high expectations regarding ease of use when it comes to the digital tools we depend on.  

Modern employees bring this expectation into the workplace, too — or they should be able to, at least! For this reason, it’s crucial that the user experience components of your workplace digitizations are well-designed.  

For today’s workers, a vital part of this is a mobile-first support experience. For optimal ease and effectiveness, employees need access to crucial information whenever and wherever. Whether that’s booking a meeting space, reserving parking, or double-checking their holiday allowance, it should all be doable in just a few taps.  

With ServiceNow, you can provide a consistent, easy to use digital interface that puts a mobile-first spin on enhancing your employee experience.  

As DXC’s Jan Korlaar puts it, “the ServiceNow mobile app is key in enhancing employee experience. It’s designed just like an app you would access as a consumer. This enables employees to continue the comforts of their tailored homelife experience at work without a hitch.” 

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4. ServiceNow unites your existing systems to digitize cohesive workflows  

Digitizing your employee experience can seem like a monumental challenge, especially if your organization is currently using a jumble of legacy and newly-added software solutions.  

With ServiceNow, however, creating digitized workflows doesn’t mean starting from scratch; instead, it supports you to bypass the time and cost that approach entails.   

ServiceNow works via a combination of action and management to devise unified, compatible multi-system workflows. This counteracts your system inefficiencies one phase at a time, extracting the best from your older legacy systems, while introducing new digitized tools in manageable stages.  

Feeling ready to discover what ServiceNow can do for your workplace? Explore our guide to getting started with digitizing your employee experience here. 


Finding the optimal employee experience software solutions with ServiceNow 

At DXC, we pride ourselves on expertly guiding our clients towards finding optimal solutions tailored to their organizational structure and needs. Working with ServiceNow, we help you make sense of the myriad software solutions available for digitizing your employee experience, crafting future-proofed digitized workflows that transform your workers’ day to day.  

Looking to discover more about how ServiceNow can enhance your employee experience? Download our whitepaper Enhanced employee experience: the key to a successful workplace here.  

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