Go Live IOC - Facility Management and Portal improvements

Bart van Muyen
2 min read
0Celebrated the Go Live of our project at International Olympic Committee. For IOC we enhanced room booking functionality​, automated Wi-Fi access for visitors​, improved look and feel for Self Service Portal​ and improved mobile compatibility. How we managed their challenge and turned it in a sollution? Check it out!

▶ Challenge

The IOC is moving to a new building with new floor spaces and meeting rooms. Together with this move IOC wants to launch a new Self Service portal for both ITSM and Facility management. They were looking for a style which is more in line with the expression of the new building.​ The registration of visitors should be made more intuitive and the portal should be 100% mobile compatible.​

▶ Solution

In phase 1 we have implemented the Facility management accelerator. In phase 2 we implemented some enhancements to make life even easier. It was decided to not use the Room booking Kiosk function but to let people do a quick room reservation via their own mobile. The portal has been made mobile compatible and the floorplans are directly available on the portal homepage. The navigation has been brought back to standard ServiceNow but with the IOC branding.​

The visitor's registration has been made more intuitive and temporarily access for the visitor to the Wi-Fi network has been fully automated.

▶ Results

IOC staff have now a user-friendly portal including full mobile access for all their FM requests. Project was delivered within time/budget in line with the IOC move to the new buildings 

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