Go live Flemish Government - Service Portal

Dagmar van Pelt
Dagmar van Pelt
Yes, part one has succesfully been completed! For the Flemish Government we are building a challenging application for the cooperation between Facility Management and the IT service provider. We are proud of the team and thankfull for the confidence in us by the Flemish Government.

▶ Challenge

The ServiceNow project at the Flemish Government is a challenging project. The application is a cooperation between two parties: Facilities Management and HB-plus, the IT service provider. Both sides deployed functionalities on a shared instance related to Incident Management, Request Management, Knowledge Bases and Problem Management. The Flemish Government also has the intention to re-use the application for other departments, so the project had a thorough focus on logical data separation. The first part, for Facilities Management, was successfully delivered on May 23.

▶ Solution

  • A centralized entry point for all Incidents, requests and questions through a Service Portal
  • A methodology to enable mutiple Flemish departments to have there own ‘domein’ itsm system of records using shared components and processes.
  • A restriction on visibility of Incident, Problem, Change and Request based on the ‘Domein’
  • A replacement of the existing portal. We share this instance with DXC’s Portal solution for ordering items.

▶ Results

Using the same ITSM process for all participating departments but still have confidentiality ensured.

  • We built the Service Portal in a new ServiceNow instance
  • Single System of Record and System of Action for Service Management
  • A light-weight (reversible) and easy-to use and extendible Domain separation


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