Go live Creos - Back to baseline

Desiree Kuijpers
Desiree Kuijpers

Today we celebrated the Go Live of our project at Creos. We optimised Creos processes while moving towards a more standardised out-of-the-box ServiceNow instance, thus creating more efficiency and customer satisfaction and less maintenance costs in one go!

▶ Challenge

Wanting to improve their IT Services Creos is using ServiceNow for IT Service Management. Some legacy design decisions were holding back Creos to improve tooling & work processes and therefore to make use of the improved out of the box functionality.

▶ Solution

One of the main development blockers is the use of the so called “Domain separation”. This design choice was not the best solution for Creos requirements and unfortunately can't be deactiviated once started. Because the change process was too complicated we advised to bring this back to the ServiceNow baseline. The solution was to rebuild the system from scratch on a London release and only migrate the ServicePortal functionality and the historical data from the existing environment.

▶ Results

  • No more separate system domains.
  • A simplified change management process.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and future upgrades.
  • Ability to adapt to future business needs.


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