Enterprise service management: How high investment in technology and hyper-automation reduces the cost of keeping IT up in the air

Rik Burgering
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IT is the backbone of modern business value. That means demands and expectations are high: Consistent quality, consistent delivery, and consistent cost-efficiency are key. Rapidly scaling your enterprise service management (ESM) while reducing costs might, at first, seem to be incompatible objectives. But ServiceNow — the flexible application toolbox designed to enhance monitoring of organizations’ digitized workflows — makes it possible.

With ServiceNow, strategically investing in technology modernization and hyper-automation can actually reduce the overall expense of running your enterprise IT landscape. Below, we’ll explore the capabilities that enable this: Facilitating a cost-cutting, proactive approach to ESM and creating economies of scale.

Reduce costs and add value with a proactive (not reactive) approach

The ideal state for an enterprise IT landscape is that it works seamlessly in the background; so well-oiled that employees barely notice it’s there. It enables them to access all the tools they need to get on with their value-adding work, rather than spending time flagging glitches and waiting for your IT service teams to respond. Put simply, enterprise IT should just work.

Introducing hyper-automation into your ESM enables you to create this scenario, predicting and preempting issues before they arise. Correlating bandwidth pressure to deliberate service degradation, say, to enable virtual conferences company-wide to remain stable, even at peak usage times.

In addition, ServiceNow is able to track and quantify the preventive actions your IT teams are taking, day in and day out. Averting near-incidents to ensure that the core IT functions your employees rely on are operating smoothly. Enabling them to work as productively and cost-efficiently as possible, ultimately delivering optimum service to your end clients.

Compiling and presenting this data enables you to make a solid, persuasive case for continuing, and even increasing, your preventive IT spending. You’ll no longer need to wait for disaster to strike before funding to fix issues is approved. Instead, you’ll have the metrics to demonstrate how vital a preventive approach to IT is to your organization’s daily output.

Automate for economies of scale

With ServiceNow, you gain a core, adaptable toolbox that can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of every team across your organization. This enables you to strategize your service management practices, implementing the same hyper-automation for core, company-wide IT services from one central location.

You’ll eliminate siloed point solutions wherever possible, for decreased cost of delivery. At the same time, however, your employees will be able to tailor their ESM interfaces to suit their specific tasks, needs, and preferences. ServiceNow’s user-enabled capabilities allow for this self-service, handing your people the power to set up their work IT to best boost their productivity and work satisfaction.

Scale your enterprise service management with ServiceNow

To find out more about how your business can leverage ServiceNow’s capabilities to simultaneously enhance automation and reduce technology costs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.


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