Shapeshift your IT organization

Judith Dekkers
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The world is changing, IT is changing, and IT management is changing. If you want to ensure that you keep up with future technologies and new expectations from the business, you will need to transform your IT operating model. “Transform” is the keyword here and if I think of transform, I think of Barbapapa.

I can imagine that if you are younger than 30; you have no clue what I am talking about, but Barbapapa is a no-brainer for my generation. Barbapapa is a children’s picture book, which was initiated in the 1970s (you remember: that was the time when you did not have a mobile phone yet…). The key feature of the Barbapapa family is their ability to shapeshift their appearance to what whatever is appropriate the get the work done or solve a problem. Each Barbapapa can adopt any form they choose, but they remain easily identifiable by always retaining their faces and their distinctive color.

Barbapapa’s are just what we need in the modern IT organization to manage the emerging IT ecosystem. Many different processes, tools and data repositories are probably existing in your current IT management landscape, but the problem is that they are not connected, and they are not ready to transform to the support the new digital world. Most IT organizations are not well equipped to manage the new demands opposed to them.  If you can shapeshift your siloed solutions into a holistic solution which has a solid and shared data structure, it enables you to not only connect tools, but also enables automation, integration, provide insight and realize business value.

The IT organization of the future is characterized by its agility and flexibility to adjust to continuous changing demands and priorities. The ability to effectively orchestrate, broker and integrate a growing number of services from an increasing number of service providers.

Different delivery methods will have to co-exists resulting in a Bi-modal delivery model, where some changes will be managed as traditional projects using practices such as PMBOK or Prince2 while other will be delivered through agile development methodologies such as SCRUM. One focused on meeting deadlines such as opening a new branch office, while other focused generating quick value using iterative delivery. Having different delivery methods running in parallel, requires your IT organization to shapeshift in line with the “to be delivered service”.

The IT4IT reference architecture will provide you with a solid base to create an enterprise data architecture which is Barbapapa proof and enables you to create business value. We can assist to analyze your current IT management landscape, define the quick wins and long-term activities and turn them into a clear and thorough transformation plan.

Sometimes Barbapapa is a pyramid; sometimes, he is a ball. Create an IT management landscape like a Barbapapa and it might lead you to solutions you have never thought of before!

Author: Judith Dekkers, Managing Consultant

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