IT services by The Addams Family

Edwin Charité
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Do you remember The Addams Family? Some people think they were quite strange, others think they were funny, useless, paranoid, or something like that. Normal? No! Common? Certainly not. Different? Oh yeah.

Somehow they were amusing, recognizable and far ahead of their time.
Let me introduce some members of The Addams Family to you. The head of this wealthy Aristocratic family is Gomez. He thinks that he rules the family, but the actual manager in this family is the lady next to him, Morticia. Gomez and Morticia have children called Pugsley and Wednesday, they really make things happen in the family. Besides them, there are also close relatives like Uncle Fester, his wife Debbie and Grandmama. The Addams Family also has their own service team. The butler Lurch, the handy hand called Thing, Digit and last but not least, Cousin Itt.

Cousin Itt gets everything done. Looking like a broom or mop without a stalk, Cousin Itt sweeps everything smoothly. Cousin Itt speaks a language only family members can understand and on the outside, no one really understands what he is doing. Yet. But they do recognize him to be successful in what he is doing, well-organized and self-conscious. Maybe even self-centered. Why? Itt seems to have his own balanced behavior. Being in full control of anything he wants to achieve, from the beginning to the end. Kind of “Itt4Itt”. And if something unexpected happens, “Itt4Itt” enables Cousin Itt to get back in control and really helps him to solve things.

That was back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Looking back The Addams Family was a role model for modern IT Services.

Nowadays there is DXC Technology ServiceNow Practice, another particular family. Being part of that family we are quite used to who we are and what we do, although we keep getting surprised by ourselves and our family members. And we like to surprise our customers. For you, when you get acquainted being a customer, you sure will recognize us to be different. Are we normal like other families? No! Common? Certainly not. Different? Oh yeah.

We have our own Gomez, managing the family. He gets help from a number of Morticia’s, making sure our Gomez is really successful. And we have our Uncles Fester, Debbies and Grandmamas making sure the family is well organized. We have our Lurches, we have a number of Digits and we have our Thing. Anything to make all our Pugsleys and Wednesdays happy and successful. Because our Gomez and Morticias really understand that when the Pugleys and the Wednesdays are well taken care of, the Pugleys and the Wednesdays will take really good care of you, our customer. Our Pugsleys and Wednesdays really make it happen for you.

Last but not least we have our own IT. And like all those years back at The Addams Family, he has his IT4IT. “His?” Well, not really. Our IT makes the difference. IT4IT is not for just personal or family gain. IT likes to share the success. The DXC Family likes to share the success of IT4IT with you being our customer. Applying IT4IT for you, in your environment, and learning you to apply IT4IT yourself in the future. For you to get and stay in control of all your IT-demands.

Imagine that you really like to get and stay in control of every aspect of each of your IT-demands. You are being able to manage the full lifecycle from the first business need at the start to the phasing out at the end, now and in your future. Why not get in touch with one of our Morticias, Uncles Fester, Debbies or Grandmamas? Of course, they are happy when you call and they can assign one or more Pugsleys and Wednesdays to your projects. But that is only a small and temporary part of our happiness and success. The true happiness of The DXC Family is all about your happiness, appreciating our Pugleys and Wednesdays. And our success is only about your success in applying IT4IT, being in control of the full lifecycles of your IT-demands, from the beginning to the end.

Author: Edwin Charité, Business Process Consultant

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