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Solve IT problems faster and save costs

Smartphones, cloud computing and Internet of Things are developments that have brought many benefits, but they have also led to the fact that IT infrastructures have become very complex. IT professionals have their hands full with solving all kinds of IT problems. How can you improve that with Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps)?

Thanks to technological developments in recent years, IT departments have taken on a different role. IT has become an internal company that supports the business and provides service to employees and customers. They have become more service-oriented in order to be able to help the internal customer quickly in the event of problems or incidents.

Because the incidents and requests are flooding into the IT department, an IT service desk or helpdesk has often been set up. A somewhat large organisation quickly receives hundreds of such reports per day. Processing these reports is very labour-intensive and it is also at the expense of other IT tasks and activities.

As IT, you can't afford to take a long time to resolve incidents. Not only because it costs a lot (time and money), but also because systems that are temporarily unavailable simply cost a lot of money due to lost sales and customer complaints. Business continuity has therefore become much more important in recent years.


The entire process of analysing incidents, reducing noise, diagnosing, correlating and bringingtog ether the right people and tools can be carried out much faster with artificial intelligence. That's where AIOps can offer a solution. In addition, AIOps offers the possibility to generate a topology map based on infra data, which can be used to create a kind of roadmap of the IT infrastructure. This gives an enormously clear overview of the complexity!

Artificial Intelligence Operations is a term coined by Gartner that can automate many tasks of the IT service desk and even predict which problems will arise. This happens because artificial intelligence collects all the necessary data (from infrastructure, previous similar cases, scenarios, etc.) of the reports and problems that the IT department receives, and can determine the causes of these in detail. IT can work with these causes. In our view, AIOps is an attractive and, above all, concrete step towards a data-driven IT organisation.

Better for IT professionals

If you have a better understanding of the causes of incidents, it is better to act accordingly and deploy people to resolve situations. This means that complaints can be resolved much more quickly because IT has a quick and accurate overview of what is going on and where there are still bumps. AIOps gives the manager of the helpdesk a dashboard on which he can follow the course of incidents. As an air traffic controller, it is as if you can finally see where the aircraft are in the air. After all... if you see where the planes are, it is much easier to guide them to the ground.


The quick resolution of IT problems does not only bring benefits in terms of time and cost. Employee satisfaction also increases and can indirectly contribute to IT talents being less likely to look for another job. The reputation of the IT department will also benefit, </span as an IT professional you can make great progress with AIOps in the short term. And that's great advertising for your IT department!

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